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Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is a prominent advertising photographer based in southern California. His expertise lies in producing striking photographs encompassing various subjects, including people, sports, action, and conceptual themes. Tadder employs location-based photography techniques combined with creative lighting effects to craft exceptionally distinctive images.

Recognized as an internationally acclaimed photographic artist, Tadder achieved notable recognition in 2015 when Epson, a global leader in photographic printing technology, identified him as one of the most influential photographers. This acknowledgment led to a TV commercial and a worldwide advertising campaign featuring Tadder and his exceptional work. His portfolio is primarily renowned for its highly inventive conceptual advertising photography.

Further emphasizing his standing in the photography world, Tadder has earned a place among the top 200 photographers globally, as recognized by the prestigious Lurzer's Archive Magazine. In 2012, he gained widespread attention by creating a viral collection of images, subsequently ranked by Time magazine as one of the most noteworthy internet sensations of that year. Tadder's work holds a prestigious place on the walls of influential figures in the realms of politics, business, art, and sports. such as President George W. Bush, Bill Gates, and Manny Pacquiao.

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