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Hugues Namur

Based in France

Hugues has been working in visual effects for more than 20 years. He is a VFX Supervisor at Mikros Image since 2002 and has taken care of the visual effects of films such as Asterix at the Olympic Games, Paris 36, The Burma Conspiracy, and Chocolat.

He started working as a matte painter for commercials and later had a chance to learn Maya when it was released. A few years later, he collaborated with Mikros Image as the comp supervisor of the Paris Big Wheel destruction scene in a French action-comedy. It's funny because this ambitious VFX sequence – at the time – was already taking place in the Champs Elysées, 15 years before Santa & Cie! Afterward, he became part of the permanent staff in 2005 and started working as a VFX supervisor for feature films and commercials.

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