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Danielle Rizkallah

Based in Lebanon

Danielle has dedicated over 23 years to crafting advertisements as an Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Throughout her career, she has traversed the globe in search of captivating stories, valuable insights, and cultural differences. Her journey has led her to live in a troubled region, enduring the challenges of three wars. Despite the adversity, Danielle has always found solace in the realm of visual arts, a passion that has been ingrained within her since birth.

Today, Danielle's creative pursuits have evolved. She has become a fervent writer and filmmaker, focusing on producing films with a profound impact. Driven by her unwavering passion for change, Danielle immerses herself in meaningful stories that possess the power to transform the world, one film at a time. Her work revolves around capturing the essence of urban species, framing their lives and experiences through her unique lens.

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