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Anthony Seklaoui

Based in France

Anthony Seklaoui, a photographer born in Nice, France, has a diverse cultural background with a Lebanese father and Australian mother. While studying filmmaking in his hometown, Seklaoui rediscovered his passion for still photography, which became his primary focus.

Seklaoui seamlessly navigates between filmmaking and photography, using his skills to deconstruct and shape scenes with a touch of rhythm and playfulness. His work embodies a continuous quest for authenticity, skillfully blending elements of documentation and daydreaming.

Drawing inspiration from French cinema of the 1970s and 80s, Seklaoui brings a spontaneous, raw, and instinctive approach to his photography. He captures fleeting moments, showcasing the multidimensional aura of his subjects, simultaneously embracing and liberating them. Through his work, Seklaoui captures the essence of the present, with echoes of the past and glimpses into the future.

Seklaoui has worked with various editorial clients including i-D, Vogue France, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, and Self Service. His commercial clients include renowned brands such as Jacquemus, JW Anderson, Maison Alaïa, and Chanel, among others.

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