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Alex Snookes

Based in US

An accomplished 2D Supervisor skilled in Flame and Nuke with expertise on-set VFX supervision. Throughout his illustrious career, he has achieved remarkable milestones, including receiving a prestigious VES award for his exceptional compositing work on John Lewis' heartwarming commercial, "Buster the Boxer." Notably, Alex has contributed his talents to a diverse range of projects, such as Channel 4's captivating "Mr 4 Idents," Ikea's hauntingly beautiful "Ghosts," and numerous captivating spots for Palace Skateboards over the years. He has also taken on challenging Creature projects, the most recent being with the acclaimed Patrick Daughters for Eurostar.

Notable brands in his repertoire include Instacart, Apple, and Axe, and he has also lent his skills to create an innovative music video, "Cash In Cash Out," in collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Recently, he received recognition with a VES award nomination for "Outstanding VFX in a commercial" for B&Q Flip.

Alex's natural creativity has been evident since his early days of studying art and photography, and it was his desire to expand his artistic talents that led him to the world of VFX and digital compositing. Driven by his love for cameras and cinematography, Alex approaches each project with a versatile skillset, working diligently to drive the creative vision and continuously seeking out fresh perspectives. His dedication to his craft has earned him a reputation as a respected and innovative force in the VFX industry.

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