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Alex Kulikov

Based in London

Freelance Compositing Artist & Supervisor, currently at Electric Theatre Collective. Prior to this role, he held notable positions at Untold Studios and MPC, amassing an impressive portfolio of over 15 years in the VFX industry. Throughout his career, Alex has garnered extensive experience, having worked with some of the world's most renowned studios and contributed to the most acclaimed projects of the last decade.

Alex possesses a diverse skill set, excelling across multiple disciplines within the VFX domain. However, his primary focus lies in compositing for CGI and VFX-heavy assignments. His exceptional talents have been showcased in a variety of notable works, including the captivating Hennessy's 'Seven Worlds,' Frito Lay 'Push It,' Exxon 'Boxers,' and Pirelli 'Alive,' among other remarkable projects.

With a track record of consistently delivering top-notch results, Alex Kulikov continues to be a driving force in the VFX industry, leaving a lasting impact on each project he undertakes.

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