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Aleksandr Gorokhov

Based in Russia

Founder and VFX Supervisor at CGF. Alexander Gorokhov embarked on his journey in the world of computer graphics back in 1995. Simultaneously, the idea of establishing his own computer graphics studio began to take shape, and in 2004, he successfully brought this vision to life.

With a keen eye for talent, Alexander managed to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals who soon became instrumental in working on nearly all major movie premieres in Russia. As time passed, his company, CGF, evolved from a modest studio into a prominent holding company with offices strategically spread across Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kiev, and even Los Angeles.

At present, CGF, under Alexander Gorokhov's adept leadership, stands as the largest studio specializing in visual effects in Russia. The studio's repertoire boasts an impressive lineup of Alexander's work as a producer and VFX supervisor, featuring involvement in some of the most costly domestic projects to date. These include iconic films such as "The Night Watch," "Day Watch," "Black Lightning," "12," "Kandahar," "Irony of Fate. Continued," "High Security Vacation," "The King," "Dark World," "Freaks," "Smeshariks. Start," "Yolki," "Yolki-2," "Vysotsky," "August. Eighth," "Spy," and "Geograph Globus propyl."

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