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Thom Glover

Based in New York

Thom Glover is an Emmy-nominated Executive Creative Director.

For the last three years, he has led the Meta and lululemon teams at Droga5NY, as well as creating transformational brand campaigns for Hennessy & Harley-Davidson. During that period, 50% of all creative awards won by the agency were for projects he worked on. Thom is also the co-founder of The Great Brain Cell Sacrifice, a company that makes the first wine in history to have positive effects on human brains. In its first year of operation, the company donated five libraries to some of America’s least well-funded schools.

Earlier in his career, he worked as a copywriter for Goodby, Sid Lee and Fallon. His work has garnered Emmy nominations, yellow pencils, gold lions, Best in Show at AICP & Grand Prix at Ciclope.

Additionally, Thom works with entrepreneurs to help build the narratives around their brands. Recent collaborations include working with Arfa to launch their revolutionary brands HIKI and State Of, and branding the pioneering Venture Capital firm Renegade.

Originally from London, Thom lives in Brooklyn with his two children, who he irritates by obsessively documenting the things they eat.

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