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IndIAA Awards (Indian Advertising Association)

IndIAA Awards is the intellectual property of the International Advertising Association (IAA) India chapter, and was instituted in 2015. It was born of the need for an award to recognise mainstream creative advertising campaigns.

Campaigns which impressed Indian consumers, before being scrutinised by a jury of eminent business leaders who have built brands we have come to respect. Campaigns which stood out in their respective product or service categories through a combination of creative, strategy and execution, with at least one element of the work being film – be it TV or digital.

In addition, a multi-stage screening process will ensure that the winning campaign was backed by adequate media exposure, and not one created to impress an awards jury. At its heart, it is an award for creative advertising, with checks and balances in place to ensure it is not creativity for creativity's sake.

The International Advertising Association (IAA) is a unique strategic institution that addresses the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications from advertisers to media companies as well as advertising and interactive agencies, direct marketing firms and even individual practitioners.


1. Automotives and Accessories

2. Banking and Finance

3. Consumer Durables

4. Consumer Electronics

5. Corporate

6. Education and Learning

7. Entertainment and Media

8. Fashion and Accessories

9. Food and Beverages

10. Home Care

11. Home Decor, Infrastructure and Fittings

12. Insurance

13. Online Classifieds, Commerce and Services

14. Personal Care

15. Pharma, Hygiene and Wellness

16. Telecom and Technology

17. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

18. Voice of Change

+ Regional Awards (Tamil and Telegu)

Entry Fees

  • Annual Individual Membership: INR 14,,500 + GST 18% = INR 17,110/-

  • Long Term (10 Years) Membership: INR 80,000 + GST 18% = Rs.94,400/- (for the India Chapter of IAA)



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