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Outdoor Advertising Awards (OAA)

The annual Outdoor Advertising Awards (OAA) contest, organised in tandem with the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC), sets the benchmarks for OOH excellence. Every year, the OAA contest attracts the participation of specialist agencies, brands and media owning firms – within India and overseas.


1. Brand Categories

2. Media Plan of the Year

3. Special Categories

4. International

5. Public and Social Services

6. Campaign of the Year

7. Media Format Innovation

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • All Campaigns / Outdoor Advertising / Activations should have been executed between 1st April of the previous year – 31st March of the current year.

  • Do not mention the Contesting Company's name or logo anywhere in the content of the documents or in the pictures or in the video. Any such mention will invite disqualification (Advertising brand name and logo projected in the campaign can be visible in the submissions).

  • Any entry (campaign/ idea) submitted for OAA of the previous year or earlier contest cannot be re-submitted for OAA of the current year, even if the same campaign has been extended.

  • All entries entered by the contesting agencies, media owners or solution providers should be mandatorily accompanied by an NOC from the ad owners (clients/ advertising brand). If the entry is submitted by the advertising brand itself, the NOC is not required.

  • Read the Terms & Conditions governing each award category mentioned below before submitting your entries on this online platform.

  • There will be two rounds of judging. The first round will be conducted online, whereas the second round will be conducted offline at a judging venue.

  • The entries to OAA Contest will be evaluated by the Jury as per the Parameters laid down. Hence, you are advised to keep in view the same while drafting the content for each of your submissions.

Entry Documentation:

  • Description/ brief about the campaign: Differs for every main category as per the parameters laid down for the particular award category (refer Brand Categories table below). Points to cover are mentioned in the sample form and terms and conditions.

  • Campaign images – should show different formats, creatives, innovations if any. Maximum images – 15, File size - 12 MB in all (the minimum size should not be less than 600 pixels in height and width and maximum size should not be more than 1000 pixels in height and width (Authorisation letter (NOC from client) (refer aforementioned point #4)).

  • Video not exceeding 120 seconds / 40 MB file size. It is preferred that the Content of the video presentation should contain the information entered as per the specified parameters for the particular award category.

  • Presentation (PDF) – to be uploaded only for Category No. 2 – Media Plan of the Year.

  • Other requirements – client details, contesting company’s details, billing information of the company entering the contest along with GST certificate, payment as per the specified entry fee.

Tentative Submission Period



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