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Based in New York

Mustache is an integrated creative agency that collaborates with clients from various industries, including food, health, tech, and entertainment, among others.With their origins in production and post-production, Mustache embraces a maker spirit in every project they undertake ranging from content creation to social media management.

In 2022, Mustache became part of the Daniel J. Edelman network, which enables them to leverage the unparalleled resources of the world's leading independent communications company.

The Mustache team consists of creative directors, writers, art directors, strategists, filmmakers, producers, coordinators, editors, motion animators, post-production producers, designers, photographers, social media teams, and account/project managers.

Their clientele consists of brands like Netflix, P&G, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Grammarly, Square, Instacart, Johnson & Johnson, and Nickelodeon, among others.

Social Media Handles:



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