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Mr+ Positive

Based in Japan

With a rich experience of over 20 years in producing exceptional content for renowned filmmakers, Mr+Positive Productions is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure a positive shooting experience in Japan. While many struggle to deliver top-tier service, Mr+Positive Productions stands out by offering flexibility and seamless coordination with a highly skilled bilingual crew. They cover a wide range of essential services, including equipment rental, casting, location scouting, bookings, permits, and remote support. Their can-do attitude and commitment make them the ideal production partner. Moreover, Mr+Positive Productions collaborates closely with their partner team, Mr+Post, to offer an array of post-production services.

These services encompass virtual production, editing, grading, CG/VFX (computer-generated/visual effects), sound design, and music licensing. Together, Mr+Positive and Mr+Post form an all-in-one production house, providing the best creative solutions for projects in Japan.

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