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Michel Abou Zeid

Based in Middle East

The Founding Partner and Executive Producer at Truffle Film is Michel Abou Zeid. Truffle's first office was established in Lebanon and then expanded rapidly to Saudi Arabia-Riyadh and the UAE.

All three offices are overseen by their founding partners and executive producers: Michel Abou Zeid and Cynthia Chammas. Behind Truffle, there is a fully-fledged team of producers, production managers, and post-production experts dedicated to providing the highest standards in film production and post-production. They firmly believe in the primacy of film craft.

Truffle is known for its daring and unexpected approach. Despite its young age, Truffle has become one of the leading production companies in the region. Since its establishment, Truffle has received accolades from several internationally esteemed film festivals, including Lories, The One Club for Creativity, Lia, Effies, and Lynx. They take pride in their regular clients, which include STC, Saudi Airlines, Aramco, Mars, Coca-Cola, VW, KAFD, Jawwy, Toyota, Emirates Airlines, KFC, and Ikea.

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