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Mad Over Marketing Awards

Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M) is a digital media firm, which creates and curates content covering global advertising, latest campaigns and brand related news.

For over 10 years, M.O.M has been presenting the most thought-provoking, creative and innovative campaigns in their own unique and quirky way.

M.O.M has become the go-to destination for users to find the highest quality content created by brands and agencies, and prides itself as a platform which says it like it is.


  1. Main Awards

  2. Campaigns

  3. People and Community

  4. Features

  5. Platforms

  6. Best Social Media Brands

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • Any brand or agency can nominate work done by them.

  • If a brand nominates work done by their in-house team, they can specify the same in the form.

  • Agencies can nominate themselves for work done for their clients.

  • Nominations can be made for work done between 1st January and 31st December of the previous year

Tentative Submission Period


Entry Fees

INR 11,800/- per entry



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