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Kraatz Studios

Basedin Germany

Kraatz Studios is situated in the vibrant Mitte district of Berlin. With a highly skilled and experienced team, the studio has a proven track record of delivering award-winning sound and audio tailored to the specific needs of each production. Whether it's a TV, radio, or cinema campaign, feature film, sound design, music production, mastering, podcast, audiobook, or any other audio project, Kraatz Studios offers a comprehensive range of services.


The studio features a 13 m² soundproofed recording room equipped with high-quality preamps, a carefully selected collection of microphones, and a total of 16 inputs. The room within a room concept ensures exceptional sound isolation while prioritizing the use of sustainable materials.

Sound design & restoration:

Kraatz Studios thrives on challenges and enjoys pushing boundaries to achieve the perfect sound. With an extensive sound archive, a combination of virtual and real instruments, synthesizers, and the capability to record custom foley sounds, the team excels in creating bespoke sound designs for individual projects.

Music production:

The studio specializes in producing music for musicians, bands, and commercials. With a wide range of guitars, amps, and drums, they can achieve the ideal sound for nearly every genre.

Mixing & mastering:

Kraatz Studios boasts acoustically measured control rooms and utilizes high-end analog and digital equipment. For advertising projects, they produce and finalize broadcast-quality mixes according to specific specifications for TV, online platforms, radio, or cinema. For music productions, they offer DDP CD masters, vinyl masters, and master files for all digital formats, including "mastered for iTunes."

Voiceover casting:

The studio assists in finding the perfect voiceover talent to match each project's requirements. They maintain their own database of carefully selected professional artists, and if the ideal voice is not found within their database, they collaborate with various reputable casting agencies.

They have collaborated with brands like Ray-Ban, IKEA, Mercedes, Vodafone, Haribo, Rimowa and

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