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Koushik Sarkar

Koushik was brought up Krishnanagar, a historic small town situated on the border of two Bengals. He pursued his education in photography and subsequently enrolled in Film Direction at the National Institute of Design, an institution established by the renowned Charles and Ray Eames.

During an apprenticeship at the World Wide Video Centre in The Netherlands, Koushik found himself immersed in the vibrant video art scene of the late 1990s. Upon returning to his home country, he crafted documentaries as part of his student endeavors, which gained recognition by being chosen for several international film festivals. One notable film titled 'Flying in a Blue Dream', focusing on the guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, achieved global publication through Sony BMG & Epic Records.

In 2007, Koushik initiated APOSTROPHE. Through the accumulation of numerous accolades and the creation of more than 300 commercials, the company has emerged as a highly esteemed entity responsible for producing advertising content within India.

He is also the founder of Kali Collective India & KITCHEN.VIDEO, developing narrative and branded content.

His clientele includes renowned brands like Amazon, Gillette, Imperial Blue 'Men Will Be Men', Vodafone, Dell, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

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