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Jay Charola

Based in Mumbai

The Mumbai-based Cinematographer, Jay Charola, is a distinguished member of the Western Indian Cinematographers Association (WICA).

He embarked on his career in the field of fine arts before making a transition to photo-journalism, and eventually found his passion in cinematography. His areas of specialization primarily include shooting documentary-style shorts, music, TVCs, and digital films.

He has filmed for brands such as Oppo Reno7 Pro featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Under Armour featuring Neeraj Chopra, Adidas featuring Deepika Padukone, and Optimum Nutrition featuring Rishabh Pant among many others.

Throughout his career, Jay has been fortunate enough to translate his extensive experience in non-fiction filmmaking to the commercial industry. As a result, he has honed his skills, acquired professional knowledge, and established a vast network of collaborators. Undoubtedly, his unwavering passion for visuals is what keeps him thriving in the industry.

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