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Jason Felstead

Based in Belgium

Jason Felstead, the Founder and Executive Producer at Hamlet, specializes in film production, production services, directors representation, and PR. Initially an outsider in the film industry, Jason began his journey as a producer, drawing from his background in fine arts and industrial design. Having played significant roles within international production company networks, Jason Felstead and his partner and friend, Ruben Goots, made the decision to merge their talents in 2015, establishing Hamlet—a production company that prioritizes creativity and humanity, providing a nurturing space for talented individuals.

Over the years, Jason has collaborated with acclaimed directors such as Ian Pons Jewell, Ben Strebel, Jaco Van Dormael, Reynald Gresset, Henry Scholfield, and Karim Huu Do, among others, consistently delivering exceptional work. Notably, Jason possesses a keen eye for identifying and fostering emerging young talent, leading to his profound satisfaction when young director Angelo Cerisara received the esteemed 2021 Shots Creative New Director of the Year Award for his campaign directed under the Hamlet banner.

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