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Fernando Lui

Based in Barcelona, Spain

Fernando is the founder and Senior Colourist at Marla Colour Grading, the colour studio behind masterpieces like Victoria 'Nuestra Tierra' and O2 'Everyhome'.

In 2001, Fernando embarked on his career as a Junior Colourist at Casablanca Finish, a renowned post-production company in Latin America. Over the course of five years, he honed his craft, working on diverse color projects with film and utilising various telecine equipment like Ursa Gold, Diamond, ITK Millennium, and Spirit 2K, complemented by Pogle and Da Vinci 2K consoles. His exceptional work in color grading quickly gained recognition in the advertising industry, leading to two award-winning campaigns at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2004.

In 2005, Fernando joined Cinecolor, a prominent multinational entertainment company based in Chile, specialising in feature films. During his five-year tenure as a Colorist there, he ascended to the position of Head of the Colour Grading and DI departments. He contributed his expertise to acclaimed projects, including "The Way He Looks," which represented Brazil at the 87th Academy Awards and earned recognition at the Berlin Film Festival with a Teddy Award.

In 2013, Fernando joined Clan VFX, a visual effects company in Sao Paulo, where he skilfully established and led their Colour Grading department until 2016 when he decided to establish Marla.

Since then, Fernando expanded Marla by setting up a new unit in Barcelona, where he currently resides. He continues to shape his distinctive visual style and sensibility, collaborating with esteemed directors and producers in Brazil and beyond. His vast portfolio includes major global brands like Nike, Budweiser, Ford, VW, Corona, Under Armor, Coca Cola, Samsung, and many more. His work has graced iconic commercials, earning accolades at esteemed festivals such as Cannes, Adnd, Ciclope, and El Ojo.

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