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Dharam Valia

Founder and Executive Producer at Hungry Films, an award winning advertising film production company based in Mumbai, India. Having spent over two decades working for India’s top advertising agencies, Dharam loves creating and consuming content that creates emotions by exploring the new. Work created by Hungry Films has won at Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clios, London International Awards, Kyoorius Creative Awards, Abbys and more.

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Here are Dharam Valia's Top Ad Picks that have inspired him through the years:

  1. John Lewis - The Boy and the Piano x Elton John

  2. Guinness - Surfer

  3. Super Bowl - Chrysler Eminem

  4. Xbox - Life is Short

  5. MTV Promo - Citibank Credit Card

  6. Farting Britney Spears the True Story

  7. Argentina Airlines - Shadow

  8. Roy Andersson Commercials

  9. Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

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