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Avion Films

Based in Greece

Avion films is an Athens-based production company producing high quality content – from commercials to documentaries, feature films, digital content (video & stills).It is also the best service company in Greece, with an extensive experience in providing reliable production services and an excellent track record in the field.

Since Avion Film's inception in 2006, co-founders Annabelle Aronis and

George Tsokopoulos , both experienced executive producers in the field of commercial filmmaking, sought to fill a niche in the industry, realizing that with their small and flexible company they could meet the needs of both local and international clients seeking to produce quality audiovisual content in a cost-effective and transparent , yet still innovative and creative, way.

Since its creation, Avion Films has produced a large number of successful award-winning Greek and foreign ads, while, more recently, it has become involved in the production of feature films, documentaries and short films.

Avion Films has been a pioneer in production services and is the reference for production companies thinking of shooting in Greece. Over the years it has built loyal working relationships with some of the best and most highly awarded production companies in the world.

Avion Films is the only Greek company, member of GPN (Global Production Network): an American company representing top-tier production service companies in over 70 countries, guaranteeing reliable and highly professional services. In addition, Avion films is a member of PACT (The Greek Producers' Association of Cinema and TV).

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