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Antoine Cerbere

Based in France

Antoine is a music producer, songwriter, and signed artist. He has experience working with various talents, providing music production and songwriting services. Additionally, he excels as a score composer and sound designer for ads and arts projects. Antoine's background includes several years of work as an art director in multiple advertising agencies, giving him valuable experience in the advertising field and an understanding of client expectations.

With his own music project, Antoine has achieved millions of plays on streaming platforms. He has also been signed by the major label [PIAS], which demonstrates his potential for artist development and growth.

Antoine's musical style is characterized by his strong sense of rhythm and melody. When collaborating on projects, he aims to adapt his approach as much as possible to align with the director's vision. His passion for music extends to all branches, and he draws inspiration from diverse genres and styles.

Throughout his career, Antoine has had the opportunity to work with renowned clients such as Spotify, SK-II, Uber, Dior, Chanel, and Topshop, showcasing his expertise and reputation in the industry.

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