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BBDO India

Based in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore

Founded in 2008, BBDO India is a consulting agency that specialises in advertising, strategic planning, branding, interactive marketing, e-mail marketing and e-CRM, direct marketing, mobile, social media and design.

BBDO India has shaped a philosophy relevant to the complex and diverse Indian consumer – a belief in not just creating ads but acts. The philosophy of “Create Acts, Not Ads” has been brought to life through long-term engaging programs in the shape of Social movements for various brands like Ariel, Gillette, Whisper, 7 Up, Johnson's Baby, GE, Aviva Life Insurance, Quaker Oats and Visa. Most programs have won various awards and recognition across the globe.

BBDO India has the unique distinction of winning four inaugural Cannes Lion including a Grand Prix in following categories- PR Lion, Glass Lion and Black Lion for Creative Effectiveness. The agency's story is also a case study at Ominicom University, collaboration between Omnicom and Harvard Business School to provide management programs to senior management of all Omnicom companies.

Some of their most popular campaigns include Ariel #ShareTheLoad, Snickers 'Hungry? Grab a Snickers!', Bumble #EqualNotLoose, P&G 'Shiksha' and Ford #CommittedToServe.

Social Media Handles:

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