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Wieden+Kennedy India

Based in Mumbai, New Delhi

Wieden + Kennedy India was founded in 2007 to create culture-shifting work for brands that want to make an impact on India, and on the world.

Since then, they haven't looked back. They have helped build some of India's biggest brands with projects like 'The Steel of Oman' for Jindal Steel, 'Light Up New Beginnings' for OPPO's Diwali campaign, 'Ace to Madras Café' for Royal Enfield, 'The Maha Yatra' for Old Spice and 'Da Da Ding' for Nike to name just a few.

Wieden + Kennedy is passionate about their projects care about how consumers will respond to their clients at every level from the communications they see, to the moment they walk into a store, to the smallest interaction with the product, in the real world and in the social world.

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