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Vincent van de Wijngaard

Based in Paris

Vincent van de Wijngaard is a highly skilled photographer from Paris, known for his exceptional use of color and investigative approach, resulting in imagery that is both meticulously detailed and profoundly captivating. Initially drawn to music and graphic design, he later pursued his passion for photography by studying at The Royal Academy in The Hague. Through his extensive projects, he has traveled to over seventy countries, developing a deep appreciation for diverse cultures that infuses his work with a unique international perspective.

Van de Wijngaard's mastery of storytelling and his ability to work seamlessly in contrasting settings, whether minimalistic or elaborate, has attracted assignments from renowned publications such as Vogue Hommes International, GQ-Style, and Interview. His photographs and films have been widely collected and exhibited by esteemed museums and galleries worldwide. Notably, his feature-length film titled "There is No Blue without Yellow and Orange," which explored the living and working environments of the renowned painter Vincent van Gogh, premiered at the National Art Center in Tokyo in 2010.

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