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Tapu Javeri

Born on May 5, 1965, as Mustapha Farabi Javeri, Tapu Javeri is a multifaceted talent hailing from Pakistan. He is renowned as a prominent fashion and art photographer, radio host, television judge, and jewelry designer. Operating as a freelance photographer, Javeri also held the esteemed position of photo editor.

Javeri's journey into photography began at the tender age of nine when he received his first camera. By the time he turned 15, his work had already graced the pages of the prestigious Dawn newspaper. Over the years, he contributed his photographic prowess to various magazines such as Teenager, Libas, Fashion Collection, Newsline, Gallerie (India), Visage, and Herald. Notably, in 1994, he assumed the role of photo editor for the esteemed Pakistani fashion magazine, Xtra.

A notable aspect of Javeri's creative portfolio is his "Tapulicious" line, which represents an evolution of photo-manipulations. Rooted in street aesthetics, this line transforms photographs into wearable art. Javeri draws inspiration from the vibrant streets of Pakistan, translating these vivid scenes into prints and bags. One particularly notable showcase of his "Tapulicious" bags occurred during Fashion Pakistan Week 3 in April 2012 in Karachi. This distinctive handbag collection features the faces of renowned fashion personalities set against the backdrop of Karachi's iconic landmarks and vibrant truck art.

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