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Suraj Wanvari

Based in Mumbai

Suraj Wanvari is an Emmy Nominated filmmaker, who believes that exploring is the only way to keep growing. A hard core vagabond at heart, Suraj gets his inspiration from his travels. Exploring new cultures, techniques and observing stories all of the world is what has helped him develop his truly unique style; which is a beautiful cross between organic story telling with a dash of design and beauty.

As a film maker, Suraj always wants to push the envelope in terms of tools available to maximise the potential of the campaign or piece of content he is directing. He deep dives and indulges in various techniques he has picked up observing the mix of culture that he has consciously exposed himself too. A story has many perspectives and Suraj will always jump to look for the most unique perspective to that story. He has collaborated with international artists and musicians and boasts of a truly global body of work. The journey to becoming an ad film maker was not a simple one, before to committing to directing content as a life long love, Suraj dabbled with various spheres of the entertainment industry.

From selling films in international markets for Yash Raj Studios, to being an animator/ editor to being a creative director on large live events and performances, to working with Disney India on kids content; Suraj's diverse experience has helped him build a skill set most unique to him- the ability to make any story larger than life, larger than it may have initially envisioned, with the same tools that most others would struggle to expand on.

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