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Dharmesh Jos

Based in Mumbai

Sr. Creative Director at Supari Studios, Dharmesh is a highly experienced professional with a background in digital content production. He has worked for companies such as Walt Disney and The Glitch, and has over nine years of experience in the field.

Throughout his career in digital media, Joshi has conceptualized, strategized, planned and executed integrated digital/social content and marketing campaigns, some of which have been recognized by the industry.

Joshi has worked with several Digital pioneers in India and clients such as AXE, PEPSI Co, Durex, MTV India, among others. As a creative and production lead, he has worked extensively with content creators like Shraddha Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar, SNG comedy, Vasuda Sharma, to name a few. Joshi was also a co-creator of Being Indian, India's foremost desi comedy YouTube channel at Culture Machine.

Social Media Handles:


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