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Vrundavan Entertainment

Church, Vrindavan Soc, Malad - Marve Rd, Malvani, W, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400095

Established in 2007, it is a state-of-the-art facility spanning 250000 sq ft. The studio comprises of a soundproof studio floor of 10,000 sq ft, MCR/PCR room, make-up rooms, an open space of more than 20,000 sq ft, a lush green garden of 5000 sq ft, an open cafeteria, and a recently developed palatial bungalow of 10,000 sq ft. Additionally, the studio provides its own electric power of up to 1100kW, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment for the entertainment industry to work in. All of these amenities make Vrundavan Studio an ideal location for film and television productions.

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