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Thomas Nautin

Based in Montreal

CG & VFX Supervisor at Mathematic Studio Montréal. Thomas graduated from Estienne Art School in 1993, where he acquired a solid knowledge of graphism and CGI. He spent two years as a freelancer at UMT, honing his skills in CG and post-production software. In 1995, he was hired by Sparx* and worked on various projects, including the short film "Peter and the Wolf" by Michel Jaffrenou and the sequence title of Christophe Gans' feature film "Crying Freeman," which won the first prize at the Imagina Festival in 1996. He also contributed to the visual effects of Alain Berliner's movie "Ma Vie en Rose" as a senior CG artist.

By 1998, Thomas became a CG Supervisor and took on the technical direction of three full CGI sequences for Pierre Paul Renders' feature film "Thomas Is in Love," which won the first prize at the Gerardmer Festival in 2000. Throughout his career, Thomas worked on diverse projects, including the video clip "What I Mean" by Modjo in 2001 and the teaser "Robota" by Doug Chiang, a Star Wars designer, which received the prize for Best Rendering at Imagina 2002.

Throughout his career, Thomas operated as a CG & VFX Supervisor on more than a hundred productions, from technical analysis to final post-production, on-set shooting supervision, and CG projects. He showcased his expertise in CG sequences for the opening ceremony of Yeosu 2012 in South Korea, where his work was projected on a 30-meter water wall, known as the "Big O," created by ECA2.

At the end of 2012, Thomas left Sparx-FX (formerly Sparx) and embarked on a freelance journey, offering his skills and expertise as a CG & VFX Supervisor to various CGI studios.



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