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The ADCE Awards

The Art Directors Club of Europe – ADCE – is a non-for-profit organisation created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from across Europe.

Owned and managed by its members, ADCE stands for the value of Europe’s cultural diversity, simultaneously favouring and benefiting European national clubs. Internationally recognised as an authoritative voice, ADCE represents the best of local European advertising and design in an increasingly globalised market.

The ADCE Awards exist to inspire, educate and unite. The best of the best, it brings together nationally awarded work to set the highest benchmark of creative excellence in Europe.

Known as the “Champions League of creativity”, the ADCE Awards is the only international competition to gather award-winning works from the most prestigious national European competitions. Participation to the ADCE Awards is exclusively granted to works that have been recognised at a national level offering them international visibility and promotion, in six different categories.

General Eligibility:

Winners of ADCE affiliated national clubs responsible for their respective country’s premier award competition are eligible to participate under the following preferential conditions:

• Free entry for Gold Award winners from the national competitions.

• Reduced entry fee for locally awarded Silver, Bronze and/or Shortlist

ADCE Non-Members The Art Directors Club of Europe welcomes the participation of winners from non-member European national associations responsible for the country’s premier competitions. National Gold, Silver, and Bronze, as well as shortlisted, are eligible to participate in the ADCE Awards


  1. Film & Audio

  2. Print & Outdoor

  3. Interactive & Mobile

  4. Design

  5. Brand Experience

  6. Integrated & Innovation

  7. European Student of the Year

  8. European Best Young Creative


As per 2022 released guidelines, ADCE members can enter their winning works from affiliated national competitions for free (Gold), or pay 120€ (Silver) or 190€ (Bronze and Shortlist) per entry . For Ukrainian submissions, there is no fee.

Entries from individuals/freelancers in Spain and all non-member entries are subject to 21% VAT.

Non-members can enter winning works from non-ADCE affiliated national competitions for 290€ (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Shortlist) plus applicable VAT.

Tentative Schedule

September - December


Art Directors Club of Europe

Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes,

37-38 Disseny Hub Barcelona +34 932 566 766


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