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Tapan Tushar Basu

Based in Kolkata

Tapan is a cinematographer hailing from Kolkata, India. He was first introduced to the world of film and photography while schooling in Darjeeling, where he developed a unique visual aesthetic.

He went on to study cinematography at the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India. Tapan has since shot over 1500 commercials for global brands such as Ford, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, and Procter and Gamble, among others.

He is known for his ability to capture the soul of a story and transform every frame into a delightful visual. Tapan's talent has been recognized by the Indian Society of Cinematographers, of which he was inducted as a member in 2021. He has successfully ventured into the advertisement industries of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the United States. In addition to his work in commercials, Tapan has also received critical acclaim for his cinematography in feature films such as Kahaani 2 and Romeo Akbar Walter (R.A.W.), which was covered in American Cinematographer.

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