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Soho Square

Soho Square is an integrated marketing services agency known for its creative leadership. It was established in 2003 by WPP Group, a leading advertising and communication company, with the aim of providing clients with comprehensive global solutions. As a part of the WPP Group, Soho Square has the advantage of tapping into the resources of various WPP companies, enabling cross-disciplinary teams to deliver effective results.

Since its inception, Soho Square has experienced rapid growth and is now recognised as WPP's fastest growing global agency network. This expansion is driven by the increasing demands of new clients and the integration of other WPP companies, which has further strengthened Soho Square's expertise and global market coverage.

With offices in the USA and Singapore, Soho Square operates internationally, catering to clients from diverse locations. Their approach is centred around creativity, bringing together talented professionals and leveraging the vast resources within the WPP Group to deliver innovative and impactful marketing solutions

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