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Romain Thibault

Based in Paris

Romain Thibault is a skilled CG Supervisor and Lead Lighting artist associated with Mathematic Studio. He possesses extensive knowledge in 3D art, excelling both as a Generalist and Rendering specialist. Romain is well-versed in various software, including Maya, 3dsmax, Nuke, AfterFx, and Speedtree, enabling him to execute his projects seamlessly. Moreover, he is proficient in working with render engines like Vray, Arnold, and Prman, ensuring exceptional results in his photorealistic projects.

Romain's expertise spans across modeling, animation, and rendering using Maya and 3dsmax, and he is highly specialized in achieving lifelike results through lighting, shading, and look development.

Additionally, he has mastered simulations and particles using Realflow, Fumefx, Rayfire, and Pflow. Skillful in compositing, Romain efficiently works with Nuke and After Effects to deliver polished final products. Among his recognizable works are the Nissan Juke Treadmill, Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), and E.ON UK 'It's Time' projects, which showcase his exceptional talents and commitment to achieving photorealistic visual experiences.


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