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Ram Madhvani

Based in Mumbai

President of the Jury for Film Craft at Adfest Bangkok in 2011 and founder of Equinox Films, director Ram Madhvani is the man behind some of the most sensational films like Neerja and Aarya.

Ram Madhvani Films is a natural progression for Equinox Films after the release of the feature film “NEERJA” directed by Ram Madhvani with Amita Madhvani as Associate Producer.

It has been created with the need to tell different kinds of stories through feature films, web shows, short films, etc. by attracting different kinds of talent to collaborate with as writers, showrunners, directors, and producers, especially in the long format area for the new digital and film worlds.

Ram Madhvani Films is a partnership between Amita and Ram Madhvani.

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