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Rajesh Saathi

Based in Mumbai

Rajesh Saathi, Director and Founder of Kerosene Films, a Mumbai-based production company, boasts an impressive portfolio of prestigious awards and memorable advertisements for a wide array of companies.

These include campaigns featuring Ranveer Singh promoting Kotak 811, Dhoni endorsing Snickers in a gladiator avatar, Shah Rukh Khan appearing in a Lux commercial, and Farah Khan dancing to the "Jumping Japang" song for IPL.

In addition to directing, Rajesh has also written scripts, including for the blockbuster "Main Hoon Na" starring Shah Rukh Khan. Under Rajesh's leadership, Kerosene Films has thrived for two decades, establishing itself as a preferred production house for leading global agencies.

Rajesh's ability to adapt to different cinematic styles depending on the subject and script has contributed to the success of his directed ads, many of which have received multiple awards at prestigious global platforms. Campaigns like Bajaj V - Sons of Vikrant (The Nation’s Bike) have earned significant recognition, including a Gold Cannes Lions 2017 for Brand Effectiveness and a Bronze Cannes Lions Award 2016. The Gillette Shave Sutra Campaign from 2011-2012 is another standout, having won multiple Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia Awards.

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