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Progyaa Dutta

Based in Siliguri

Progyaa Dutta is an experienced copywriter and creative consultant, with a background in mass media and journalism. She has worked with top brands such as Puma, Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, and Mahindra Thar, among others. Progyaa has also worked as a sub-editor at Outlook Business and as a reporter at The Hindu. Her experience includes ideating on campaigns, scriptwriting, social media posts, internal comms, and more. Progyaa's skills in research, transcription, and ideation have helped her excel in her roles as a content writer and creative partner.

She now works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in scriptwriting, developing brand campaigns, creating digital content, managing social media, and conducting research. She has collaborated with various brands such as UpGrad, Honeywell, Cipla Health, and Axis Mutual Fund, among others.

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