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Prateek Suri

Based in Delhi

Currently the Head of Creative at OYO, and has previously held the role of Creative Director at Publicis, Contract India.

Prateek has over 15 years of expertise in the field and has held positions at prestigious advertising companies including McCann, Ogilvy, and Publicis.

Prateek Suri successfully spearheaded the relaunch of OLX, achieving a 60% complete watch rate for the new tagline and digital film campaign.

He also revitalized Dish TV with Ranvir Singh as its new brand ambassador, bringing a fresh and youthful energy to the aging brand. Prateek led the creative mandate for Maggi, launching a campaign that transformed the brand from a transactional, need-based product to one that championed equality in the kitchen.

His creative prowess resulted in Publicis winning multiple new businesses under his leadership. Prateek also took charge of the creative duties for brands like Ralco Tyres, Michelin, Mrs. Bector's (FMCG), and SpiceJet, leaving a lasting impact on each brand's creative direction.


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