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Pierre de Kerchove

Pierre, born in São Paulo to Belgian parents, had a multicultural upbringing, dividing his time between France and Brazil during his childhood. He completed his education at ECA-USP, the film school in São Paulo, where he began his career shooting music videos and documentaries during the "miniDV" era. Gradually, this experience led him to explore opportunities in commercials, music videos, and independent feature films.

Over time, Pierre's reputation in the audiovisual industry flourished, encompassing a wide range of projects. From films recognized at the Berlinale, such as "Au premier regard" by Daniel Ribeiro and "Joaquim" by Marcelo Gomes, to acclaimed commercials like "Rivalry" for Whatsapp and "Brasileiragem" for Nike during the 2018 World Cup, he demonstrated his versatility and artistic sensibility. Notable music video productions, including works for artists like Selena Gomez and Tove Lo, further solidified his standing in the industry.

Pierre's talent as a cinematographer has earned him numerous awards in recent years. Some of the notable accolades include the Bronze Clio Award in 2018 for "#shutupdeath" for Doctors of the World, the Silver Cyclops Latino Award in 2017 for Renault Triangle, and both Silver and Bronze Cyclops Latino Awards in 2019 for "Nike Brasileiragem" and "Pinacoteca Radical Woman." Moreover, he received the Best Cinematography Cyclops Latino Awards in 2020 for "Whatsapp Rivalry" and repeated this achievement in 2021 for "WhatsApp Sunbeams." His outstanding contributions to the field demonstrate his exceptional talent and ability to craft captivating visuals in various genres, from realistic dramas to lighthearted comedies, automotive advertisements, and imaginative music videos.

Pierre is represented by WPA in the UK and the USA, by Api Corp in Europe & by Aura Collective in Latin America

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