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Pick Films

Based in Mumbai

Pick Films is a renowned production company with over a decade of experience producing television commercials, music videos, print campaigns, corporate videos and documentaries.

From conceptualisation to execution, they bring together a unique team of content creators, writers, directors, editors and visual effects artists.

Pick Films represent and produce for some of the most sought after directors in the world of film, music, branded content and commercials. They help new artists and brands get off the ground and also have a wealth of experience working with some of the most established brands and high profile talent in the world.

Pick Films provide all aspects of film production including creating original concepts, developing treatments, writing scripts, budgeting, scheduling, through to live-action film shoots, and post-production. They are also dynamic enough to handle shoots of varying scale; from two-man team, guerrilla shoots to city stopping productions with hundreds of cast and crew.

From TVCs, music videos and print campaigns to corporate videos and documentaries, Pick Films have served every category with their experience and expertise. Some of the brands they have worked for include Vogue Eyewear, Pantaloons, Saffola, Pizza Hut, Make My Trip and Godrej.

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