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Oskar Wrangö

Oskar is a Swedish director whose filmmaking journey started in 2003 when, as an experimental juggler, he started filming his fellow juggling friends. He was soon selling tons of inspirational juggling DVDs to the global masses.

He subsequently studied Graphic Design & Illustration at Konstfack in Stockholm. During the course of his studies Oskar realised that whilst printed letters on a poster were pretty cool, physical moving glass typography combined with lasers was a tad more interesting. So after earning his bachelor’s degree, Oskar ditched his entire portfolio and focused on directing film for real.

Over the course of his professional career spanning 20 years, Oskar has directed several art films and music videos, and now enjoys making commercials for globally renowned brands like Volkswagen, IKEA, Sony, Mitsubishi, McDonalds and Volvo to name a few.

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