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Ogilvy was honoured as the 2023 Network of the Year by the Clio Awards. Their exceptional performance included 4 Grand Clios, 24 Gold, 47 Silver, 52 Bronze, and 44 Shortlists, accumulating a total of 171 accolades.

With a legacy dating back to 1948, Ogilvy has been instrumental in growing brands and businesses. They are committed to borderless creativity, operating at the intersection of talent and capabilities. Their expertise spans Public Relations, Consulting, Advertising, Health, and Experience, and they have a widespread presence with 131 offices across 93 countries.

Ogilvy's impressive portfolio includes Cannes contenders such as "Alexa Test Drive," "Corona Extra Lime," "Chicago - Change the Ref - Yellow Bus Lens," "Mumbai - Dove - The Beauty Report Card #StopTheBeautyTest," and "Burger King - Mission Whopper," among others. They have also collaborated with esteemed brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Samsung, Netflix, Puma, Cadbury, and German Rail.

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