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Nikita Popcov

Based in Latvia

Nikita is a young cinematographer hailing from Riga, Latvia. He is in love with Kodak motion film and experimental visual, as is evident from his masterful work.

He has worked with brands like Sage, Adidas, Kensshi, BBC and Expo among others.

Some of his accolades include -Winner Finisterra Arrábida film art & tourism festival 2019 "KIT film and television company id" Nenashev™ , "Best shooting video" for "Qatar 2022" Mediabrand 2019, TEFI 2018 AWARD in Broadcast / Non-Broadcast TV Promotions for "Christmas Squirrels 2018" Channel One Russia, "Best design of the TV channel" Mediabrand for "Imaginary Russia" Channel One Russia, Grand prix of Mediabrand competition for "Imaginary Russia" Channel One Russia, The best design of cable TV Mediabrand for "Bobyor TV id" Channel One Russia Worldwide.

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