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MxM India

MxM India is a business-to-business media company that provides the media and marketing fraternity with comprehensive news, information, research, and analyses. The platform is futuristic in terms of delivery vehicles, initially available through a multiple media internet portal that can be accessed on computer screens and tablets, as well as via WAP on mobile devices.

MxM India is founded by a team of experienced media persons with over a hundred person-years of work experience. Their team of journalists, analysts, partners, consulting firms, and practitioners provide news, columns, blogs, research, and analyses that present perspectives to help discerning professionals make better decisions.

MxM India currently has staff located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi. The editorial and business headquarters are in North-West Mumbai, with an office in Bengaluru and one upcoming in New Delhi. The platform is expected to engage India's media, marketing, and advertising professionals with a variety of print publications and events that revolve around


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