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Based in Italy

Mokamusic, founded by Philip Abussi (music supervisor, composer, and sound artist) and Anita Falcetta (music strategist, music consultant, and music manager), is a prominent Italian Music Agency. They are a leading player in the advertising industry as well as other markets including film, fashion, design, and art.

Founded in 2017, Mokamusic operates as a comprehensive One-Stop Music Company, providing high-quality music and a wide range of audio services for commercials, creative projects, and big shows. They possess significant expertise in music advice, music production, sonic branding, music search, licensing, and post audio.

As an open-minded and cutting-edge company, Mokamusic benefits from a well-established network of composers, musicians, and music professionals with diverse backgrounds and geographical origins. This extensive network is one of their greatest strengths, allowing them to offer exceptional music solutions and services.

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