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Media4Growth, which is promoted by VJ Media Works Pvt Ltd, is India's leading news website on out-of-home (OOH) advertising viewpoints, events and videos, followed by brand strategists, brand marketers, media planners & buyers, OOH media owners, specialist agencies, creative agencies, data & tech firms, innovators, media consultants, and others.

The website has extensive reach among audiences across India markets and is an essential media channel for global OOH players exploring opportunities for business and collaborations in India.

Media4Growth complements the media group's OOH publication Outdoor Asia, the flagship event Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC), Transit Media Talks, and other vertical-focused conferences and workshops. The news website provides up-to-date information and analysis on global, national, and regional OOH business developments, including media acquisition, people movement, account wins, regulatory interventions, policy outcomes, and more. It also covers digital OOH (DOOH) initiatives, global and Indian OOH research outcomes, OOH/DOOH campaigns, innovative OOH solutions/technologies, and OOH events.


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