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Marissa Kaiser

Based in the US

Marissa Kaiser, a talented photographer, is known for capturing the genuine essence of people in her images. Her work showcases the beauty she finds in various subjects, ranging from street scenes to fashion photography.

Her diverse range of subjects includes individuals such as Burnside skateboarders, elderly African American women dressed in their Sunday best, and friends living in New York City.

Marissa's passion lies in discovering and sharing the stories of those she encounters. She often carries her Polaroid camera everywhere she goes, even involving her dog Goldie in her creative endeavors by dressing them up and creating a book featuring different characters.

After spending approximately 10 years immersed in the creative community of Portland, Oregon, Marissa currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has gained recognition in print, appearing in esteemed publications such as The New York Times, NYLON, Oyster Magazine, and NOWNESS. Marissa's photographs spark conversations and engage viewers, establishing a lasting connection through her impactful storytelling and captivating imagery.

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