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Manoj Shroff

Based In Mumbai

Manoj serves as the Executive Producer at Equinox Films, a renowned production company based in Mumbai.

With a journey that began by assisting Sumantra Ghosal and later Ram Madhvani in the 90s, Manoj transitioned into directing over 80 commercials.

In 2003, Equinox Films stood at a pivotal juncture, poised for exponential growth. Recognising the need for adept leadership, Manoj Shroff stepped into the role of Producer, infusing the company with vision and financial acumen.

Under his dynamic leadership, Equinox soared to new heights, introducing a cadre of talented young directors and delivering a series of award-winning commercials, including the iconic Happydent campaign.

In 2012, Manoj propelled Equinox onto the international stage through the collaboration GreatGuns@Equinox, uniting the strengths of Great Guns London and Equinox India.

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