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Manoj Kumar Khatoi

Based in Odisha

Manoj Kumar Khatoi is a renowned Indian cinematographer with a remarkable portfolio. His expertise encompasses capturing the intricate emotions of characters and the beauty of nature. He pursued his education at the esteemed Film & Television Institute of Orissa, and in 2002, he embarked on his journey in the vibrant city of Mumbai, where he has honed his skills to become a master of his craft.

Manoj has also made significant contributions to the field of advertisements and commercials, showcasing his unique style. He has collaborated with various brands, and his work is widely appreciated. His work on several notable projects has won many critical acclaim, making him stand out in the industry.

He is highly recognized for his exceptional contributions to both films and OTT series. His noteworthy projects include "Notebook," "The Fame Game," "Mismatched" Season 2, and "Uunchai." Notably, his movie "Born to Run," featuring Manoj Bajpayee, has received the prestigious National Award, further highlighting his remarkable talent and achievements in the industry.

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