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Luv Kalla

Founder/Director at Qissé Films, Luv realized he could escape homework with a compelling story, his destiny seemed set on a path of storytelling.

Although life took him through college dropout phases and odd gigs, fate led him to advertising, where his work earned considerable international acclaim at Cannes, Adfest, ECHO NY, and more.

Subsequently, Luv found his way to MTV, where his initial filmmaking ventures gained millions of views and widespread applause. Since then, directing over 100 films across genres, his singular approach remains: how can the story be told better? Whether in commercials, documentaries, animation, or narrative films, Luv's dedication to storytelling excellence prevails.

Luv Kalla has won several prestigious international awards at Cannes, Adfest and ECHO NY. From drama to finance, food to humour, he has worked on every category of filmmaking and received acknowledgement and appreciation.

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